Thursday, 1 October 2015

How the order stopped Vlad

Vlad Tepes was far from a legend and he actually lived and ruled his lands. The man was truly hungry for human blood and he had discovered a way to become something close to an immortal being with it. We believed that a species like his would be extremely dangerous to the world and there would be no humans left if more men and women became like Vlad. Once we knew that he started to build an army of immortals we had to pull the plug on his plans.

We had to lock him inside a dungeon and make sure that he was weak enough from the lack of blood consumption. Then we burned him and buried his remains deep underwater. The immortality he had was only possible because of the blood consumption, once that was taken he became a mere mortal again. This is the closest thing to a vampire that ever existed.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Why the order created worm holes

There is something very fascinating about being able to travel from one part of the universe to another by entering a worm hole and skipping through a very large process. This is the only way for space travel to be possible for any species out there. Even the most advanced species are unable to handle traveling fast enough to perform this kind of journey. Even light speed is not fast enough, but the only barrier we have been able to break is the barrier of sound. Light speed is still unmatched by aircrafts.

The worm holes got created by a superior being that is a founding member of the order. They found the way to create these portals that allow people to jump over to other dimensions and areas of the universe without having to travel all the way to their destination. Thanks to this invention we have been able to explore many planets.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

What the order do with waste

The order has been stashing toxic waste from their experiments in space because they know that keeping it on Earth would actually become a problem sooner rather than later. What we are doing is sending out the toxic waste to a planet outside this solar system. There is a species of aliens that uses that toxic waste for fuel in their machinery and this has created a business transaction between us and that species.

The only problem is that they have started to ask us if they can travel to Earth to get the resources themselves, but we don’t really trust these species as they are known for being overly aggressive and they always look for species to conquer. Humans are way smaller and weaker than them and they would be an easy target.

Monday, 21 September 2015

What the order did with the Egyptian gods

There is a lot of debate in regards to gods and paranormal entities that have lived on this planet for a long time. Most of these are now disregarded as nothing but fictional products that have been used for purposes of entertainment and culture, but they are very much real and we are hiding them in very safe and strategic places. These gods do not belong in the world of technology that we have now and we knew we needed to find a good place for them to rest until human kind evolves enough to understand them.

The Egyptian gods are all hidden in a mountain core facility that is guarded heavily to avoid any intrusion. There is no access to this facility from any location near the mountain and there are no entrances at all that could blow their cover. We plan to keep them there for as long as needed.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Where the order have their prisons

There are prisons all over the world and they are used to keep criminals and murderers away from the rest of society. The problem is that there are criminals that are not human and they are more of a threat than any of the most vicious and evil human criminals in the world. These alien outlaws are all in a very special secret prison that has maximum security meant to hold the most dangerous of species.

The only real problem with deporting these species back to their home planets is that they could use the information they already have to communicate to other aliens about any strategies that they want to use to come back to Earth and take over the planet. This is the reason why we keep them away from any kind of communication and the reason they are kept as prisoners on Earth indefinitely.

Monday, 14 September 2015

How the order ended up on Earth

The order came to earth for a very simple reason and that was to make sure that we had plenty of experimental species to work with all over the universe. We are stationed in hundreds of planets and we are always performing all kinds of new experiments on all of them. To be perfectly honest one of the most intriguing, but also least useful planets, has been Earth. We are intrigued because the human species are so flawed but somehow they have been able to evolve into a better race.

The problem with this planet is that the humans have ruined a lot of resources and continue to destroy it because they are still not evolved enough to know how not to ruin it through inventions and science. We came here to see just how much we could help them evolve without being too involved in their decision making process.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

How the order monitor all life

The order knows that all alien life needs to be monitored in order to keep things in order on this planet. This is the main reason why we are always making sure that everyone working with us is always monitored. We also monitor human life but we know that humans are harmless individually and can only pose threats when they combine efforts. This is not the case with alien life forms that can obliterate the entire planet if they wanted to do this.

The order keeps a close eye on all alien life in this planet with special radars that locate all incoming objects from space. We have detected that there are so far 125 alien species on our planet and some of them need to live in complete seclusion in order to avoid any suspicion by humans about aliens living on this planet. Several dozen species that want to be granted permit to inhabit the Earth do.